Well Log Codes
Mississippi State Oil & Gas Board

Log Code Code Definition
Log Code Code Definition
BIL Borehole Image Log - BIL
BPP Borehole Profile Plot - BPP
BT Borehole televiewer - BT
CAL Caliper - CAL
CHL Cased hole neutron - CHL
CCL Casing collar locator - CCL
CIL Casing inspection log - CIL
CBL Cement Bond, Cement Curve, Cement Quality - CBL
CP Computer Process, Cyberlook, Complex lithology, Hydrocarbon Identification, Laserlog - CP
CPTVD Computer Processed (TVD) - CPTVD
C Core Description / Analysis - C
CE Corrosion Evaluation - CE
DTVD Density (TVD) - DTVD
DNTVD Density Neutron (TVD) DNTVD
DNMTVD Density, Neutron, Micro(Mini)log (TVD) - DNMTVD
DNM Density, Neutron, Micro(Mini)Log - DNM
D Density, Spectral density, Slim hole density - D
DN Density,Neutron - DN
DC Depth Correlation Log - DC
DIR Deviation survey, Borehole directional survey - DIR
DM Dip Meter, Continuous dipmeter, High resolution dipmeter - DM
DLL Dual laterlog - DLL
EL Electric Log - EL
EMT Electromagnetic propagation - EMT
EMTTVD Electromagnetic Propogation (TVD) - EMTTVD
FIFL Fluid Interface Log - FIFL
FMS Formation Micro Scanner - FMS
FT Formation Test, Repeat formation tester - FT
FIL Fracture Identification Log - FIL
GR Gamma Ray, Radioactivity - GR
ITVD Induction (TVD) - ITVD
I Induction Resistivity - I
IDNMTVD Induction, Den, Neu, Micro (Mini) log (TVD) - IDNMTVD
IDNS Induction, Den, Neutron, Sonic - IDNS
IDNSTVD Induction, Den, Neutron, Sonic(TVD) - IDNSTVD
ID Induction, Density
IDTVD Induction, Density (TVD) - IDTVD
IDNTVD Induction, Density, Neutron (TVD) - IDNTVD
IDN Induction, Density, Neutron - IDN
IDNM Induction, Density, Neutron, Microlog/Minilog - IDNM
IDNSMTVD Induction, Density, Neutron, Sonic, Micro(Mini) (TVD) - IDNSMTVD
IDNSM Induction, Density, Neutron, Sonic, Micro(Mini)og - IDNSM
IDSTVD Induction, Density, Sonic (TVD) - IDSTVD
IDS Induction, Density, Sonic - IDS
IMTVD Induction, Micro(Mini)log (TVD) - IMTVD
IM Induction, Micro(Mini)log - IM
INTVD Induction, Neutron (TVD) - INTVD
IN Induction, Neutron - IN
ISTVD Induction, Sonic (TVD) - ISTVD
IS Induction, Sonic(Accoustic) - IS
ISMTVD Induction, Sonic, Microlog (TVD) - ISMTVD
ISM Induction, Sonic, Microlog - ISM
ISNTVD Induction, Sonic, Neutron (TVD) - ISNTVD
ISN Induction, Sonic, Neutron - ISN
ISCAN Isolation Scanner - ISCAN
IMP Isotropic Mechanical Properties - IMP
LL Laterlog - LL
LLDNM Laterolog, Density, Neutron, Microlog - LLDNM
MRTVD Magnetic Resonance Log (TVD)- MRTVD
MR Magnetic Resonance Log - MR
MWD Measurement While Drilling - MWD
MLTVD Micro (Mini) log (TVD) - MLTVD
MLL Microlaterolog - MLL
ML Microlog, Minilog - ML
MUD Mud Log, sample log - MUD
NTVD Neutron (TVD) - NTVD
N Neutron - N
AUD Noise Log, Audio, Experimental Noise Log - AUD
NL Not Logged - NL
PKR Packer setting record - PKR
PF Perforating Depth Control, Perforating - PF
PE Platform Express - PE
PPL Pore Pressure Log - PPL
PRX Pressure Express - PRX
PRLTVD Propagated Resistivity Log (TVD) - PRLTVD
PRL Propagated Resistivity Log - PRL
RTS Radioactive Tracer Survey - RTS
ROPTVD Rate of Penetration (TVD) - ROPTVD
ROP Rate of Penetration - ROP
RST Reservoir Saturation Tool - RST
RESTVD Resistivity (TVD) - RESTVD
RES Resistivity - RES
SWC Sidewall Core Report - SWC
SNPTVD Sidewall Neutron (TVD) - SNPTVD
SNP Sidewall Neutron Porosity - SNP
S Sonic, Sonic porosity, Borehole compensated sonic - S
SL Spectroscopy Log - SL
SFL Spherically Focused Log - SFL
SPS Spinner survey - SPS
T Temperature, Differential temperature - T
TDT Thermal Neutron Decay Time - TDT
TR Tracer, Isotope tracer - TR
USGD Ultra Sonic Gas Detector - USGD
USI UltraSonic Imager - USI
BHV Velocity - BHV
VSP Vertical seismic profile - VSP
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